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How To Maintain Reputation on Online Casino

Some things are more accessible to lose than to gain, and a good reputation is one of them. The Internet remembers everything: if you get dirty with a scandal or a series of bad reviews, starting with a clean slate will be difficult.

This means that the best way to ensure that a player’s first encounter with your brand isn’t a negative one is to avoid it in the first place.

Timely withdrawals and quality support are necessary to maintain good relationships with players. After all, an online casino is a service, and players expect attention and professionalism. They will appreciate the high level of your work.

On the other hand, when your employees are in no hurry to help, and all the processes are long and confusing, let’s face it, this is not the best basis for a good relationship. Treat your customers with dignity; they trust you and your brand.

Another great thing for building trust is a transparent bonus policy.

Players feel cheated when bonuses are full of exclusions, conditions and complications are written in fine print. Even if, from your point of view, it is their fault for not reading your terms and conditions carefully enough. The client, as we know, is always right. Make sure the terms and conditions of the bonus are clear and understandable, and remember: for a bonus to be an effective marketing tool, it must be profitable.

Of course, leaving yourself vulnerable to bonus abuse is a terrible idea, but try not to lose the bonus’s original raison d’ĂŞtre in the process.

Speaking of marketing, remember to invest in a positive image. A high-quality website and advertising, well-known partners and affiliates, and games from big brands will definitely help. Affiliate marketing is still the most effective way of promotion, but influencer marketing and social networks are rapidly gaining momentum and have already become widespread in the online gambling industry.


Your web page’s design and your platform’s stability are also essential. Nothing shows confidence or inspires confidence better.

Encourage Loyalty

Loyalty programs are an important part of the casino experience. Many online casinos’ income comes mainly from a small group of high-volume, high-frequent players. Losing even one such player to a competitor is a big loss.

Bonuses and special treatment (like priority support) are an excellent way to let your high rollers know you appreciate them. You can give VIP players early access to new games, organize special tournaments, or give them merch.

To incentivize these players, you could introduce a system with loyalty points that can be earned by playing frequently or offer large deposit bonuses for those who bet regularly.

Some gaming operators are inspired by the land-based industry, known for its star treatment of big players: free hotel rooms, limousines, and tickets to boxing matches. You don’t have to think so big—even a small gift like a bottle of wine feels personal and will be greatly appreciated. At a minimum, they will see that you not only take but also give—good quality for a brand that is loved and trusted.

And remember other users. Participation bonuses and prizes will make your players feel special and add value to their experience at your casino. Don’t just rely on bonuses from gaming content providers; in addition to free spins, jackpots and tournaments, players can be offered a weekly roulette spin to increase their deposit or receive other valuable prizes. And, of course, all players are accustomed to an increase in the first deposit amount, and in some cases, players receive a guarantee on the first bet or more favourable conditions for winning it.

Cards On The Table: Three Steps To Winning The Trust Of Players

An excellent selection of games, exciting tournaments and nice bonuses attract many people to online casinos. But when players talk to each other on forums and in the comments, what do you think is the first question they ask about a new casino brand?

Is this casino reliable? Is the brand good?

There is no point in taking a bonus if there is any doubt that the money can be withdrawn, and there is no reason to participate in a tournament if there is a fear that the site will disappear tomorrow. This is Maslow’s pyramid of gamblers. Trust is at the core.

Why trust is important

This may surprise some, but trust is the cornerstone of the gambling business. Betting and gambling already come with a certain amount of risk, as winnings are not guaranteed, so it makes sense that to participate, the player must trust the process and the casino with their money.

This is the most straightforward social contract: the player gives his hard-earned money, knowing he will get more if he wins. The gambling establishment must guarantee the safety of the player’s funds. The situation is the same with personal data—the player provides confidential personal data, and the casino undertakes to store it and not transfer it to third parties.

If a player trusts the platform, then he is more loyal. The casino’s cash flow depends on regular players; every competitor does everything possible to attract and keep them for as long as possible.

What will happen if this competitor manages to offer better conditions, a newer game, or a richer bonus in a given month? The only thing that will protect your business in this case is that people prefer to buy from proven brands they trust.

This is why brand building is essential for business: attracting new customers is five times more expensive than retaining existing ones.

Let’s move on to three steps for gaining and maintaining players’ trust over time.

Be Honest

People less familiar with the iGaming environment often ask, “Is this even legal?”


Yes. Yes, sure. However, experienced players know that when visiting the website of a sportsbook or online casino, you must always make sure that the company is honest and legal, and only then make a deposit.

So, for an online casino that wants to ensure that its relationship with players starts on a positive note, the first and key step is to obtain a license.

There are a ton of jurisdictions and licensing regimes, and they vary in price, stringency, and the number of boxes that must be ticked to qualify. Having a gaming license influences the trust and loyalty of your audience, allows you to collaborate with the best game developers, allows you to enter the most profitable markets and guarantees reliability. Most business people choose to save time, money and nerves, as well as guarantee results. That is why they seek help from professionals who know all the bureaucratic pitfalls in the highly convoluted process of obtaining licenses.

A license is required to register a company, open bank accounts, set up operations, etc. Licensed games with clear RTP, purchased from reputable developers, would be another significant step in the right direction. The market is filled to capacity with titles of all colours, shapes, sizes and styles, but what matters to players is whether the slot works as it should.

Some online casinos make the mistake of thinking that players will need to learn the details of how the game works. They’ll find out.

For starters, tech-savvy players can learn basic information about the game they are playing using the “inspect” function in their browser. They can see which server the game communicates with and sometimes even see the RTP written in the code.

Even without such direct methods, players share experiences and communicate. The casino’s reputation will suffer when many people express dissatisfaction and doubt.

When a licensed developer makes a game and has RNG certifications (such as eCOGRA), the player does not doubt that RTP and other features work correctly.

The Importance Of Choosing The Right Software For Opening An Online Casino

With the advent of online casino gambling, a revolution took place in the gambling industry. Online casinos have allowed gambling fans to enjoy their favourite games from the comfort of their home or office, sitting in their favourite chair with a mug of their favourite coffee in their hands. What about creating your casino on the Internet? Not bad idea! After all, creating your online casino can become your very profitable business.

With the advent of online casino gambling, a revolution took place in the gambling industry. Online casinos have given gambling fans the opportunity to enjoy their favourite games from the comfort of their own homes or offices, sitting in their favourite chairs with a mug of their favourite coffee in their hands.

What about creating your casino on the Internet? It’s not a bad idea! After all, an online casino can become a very profitable business.

So you got together, considered all the nuances and finally decided to create your online casino. What do you need to make an online casino? Let’s try to figure it out.

The first thing you need to open an online casino is to purchase the software – casino script. After all, the central part of an online casino is its software! You can quickly write a script for your casino with programming skills. What if you don’t have the required knowledge? Don’t despair – there are many companies that, for a certain amount of money, can develop a script for your casino by all the requirements.

Basic requirements that an online casino script must have:

  1. Reliability.

 An online casino script should always work stably because it is challenging to imagine that you will have regular customers (players) if the games in your online casino constantly freeze. No one is ready to part with their money because the software supporting the game is unstable.

  1. Good protection against burglary.

 If you seriously decide to create a casino, you should think carefully about protecting it from hacking. It will be very unpleasant for your regular customers (players) to notice one fine day that money from their internal account has magically disappeared somewhere.

  1. Speed ​​of work.

 Online casino software should work as quickly as possible—only some people will like the situation when they have to wait a long time until their favourite slot machine finally loads to play.

Be scrupulous when choosing a company to order software for your casino; your future success depends on the right choice! After all, the better the quality of your online casino software, the more chances you will have to attract a large number of regular customers and, as a result, more significant profit.


Key Performance Indicators For Online Casinos

Although the online gambling industry is over 20 years old, the claim that it is at the forefront of the gambling industry is still relevant. The migration of traditional businesses to online is widespread and is de facto a necessity of our time. The high rate of Internet penetration and the constantly decreasing cost of connection contribute to the penetration of the gaming industry far beyond the boundaries of gambling zones and traditional land-based casinos.

In this regard, launching an online gaming project is an excellent opportunity to become part of a growing industry. Launching an online casino can be divided into two equally important parts: organizing infrastructure from a technical point of view and gaining recognition from players. Since we have already discussed the technical aspects of entering the market in other articles, here we will pay attention to the second component of a successful casino – particularly, methods for measuring the return on an online project.

Key Performance Indicators

Marketing is the most important word when it comes to turning an online casino into a profitable business. Marketing in gaming projects includes two related activities: attracting players (advertising, affiliate marketing, etc.) and retaining them (bonuses for loyal players, VIP programs, etc.).

A well-planned development strategy that pays equal attention to both areas of marketing is a desirable goal for any online casino. Methods may vary depending on the social, geographical and other characteristics of doing business. Still, the ultimate goal is always to attract the maximum number of players and maintain their interest for as long as possible. In the battle for the favour of players, casinos are using clever tactics coupled with severe investments, which leads to a critical question: how to measure the effectiveness of these strategies and the return on spending on promotions. Ultimately, marketing is not about mailings or bonuses but primarily about numbers. The need for more reliable monitoring of ongoing campaigns’ effectiveness is equivalent to moving unthinkingly.

Any business needs clear metrics that allow it to visualize the results of its work, analyze them, and use the findings for further development. Such metrics are called KPI (KPI). KPI is an abbreviation for the English Key Performance Indicators, which in Russian means “ key performance indicators .”

What KPIs most effectively reflect the features of online gambling?


In the world of online casinos, KPIs are based on two simple and clear areas: money and people.

Monetary KPIs

Financial indicators are pretty transparent and are responsible for the casino’s profitability.

Gross Gaming Revenue (GGR)

Gross Gaming Revenue (GGR) is one of the essential KPIs in the gambling business. The formula for calculating it is simple: the sum of all bets minus the sum of all winnings. This indicator reflects the amount remaining in the casino as a result of visitors’ playing but before any operating expenses of the project are paid. If we compare a GGR to a regular store, then GGR characterizes revenue but not profit.

It should be noted that the GGR value may vary from month to month, depending on the players’ luck. For example, even if the number of players and the amount of bets placed in July and August are the same, the GGR may still be different. Why? Because winnings in online casinos are generated randomly, and the actual results of the game may differ from the “theoretical” average return rate.

Net Gaming Revenue (NGR)

Net Gaming Revenue (NGR) reflects the casino’s profit, excluding all royalties and other operating expenses.

Such expenses can include bonuses (i.e., “drawn” money with which players also place bets), commissions of payment systems, deductions to game providers, payments to affiliate partners, fees for renewing a gaming license, taxes, etc.

SG Online Casinos WOW88

The online casino (or online) is a betting house that works online. These allow people to play from anywhere, only using a device that can connect to any network.

These online casinos offer a wide variety of games so people can have fun. Among them are the classic games that can be found in any traditional casino, such as roulette, blackjack, poker, and slot machines. Some even allow sports bets.

What are the benefits of using this type of casino?

As we mentioned, these casinos can offer better benefits for their players, which does not only refer to financial benefits but also many others.

One of the best-known is the one we mentioned in the previous point because it allows people to play from home or wherever they want, which is possible thanks to the Internet.

On the other hand, when people register on their platform, many of them offer dedicated welcome bonuses so that people can get more out of their first deposit or better rewards in case they win the game. Generally, these bonuses are only offered once, and they are recommended to be used at the right time to get the most out of them.

These also stand out for being available 24 hours a day, which means that everyone can access them at any time.

Finally, we are going to talk about one of the most important points that an online casino has: the ways it offers to make deposits or withdrawals. While this may depend on each casino, the truth is that most offer many ways to deposit or withdraw money, including PayPal, Payoneer, Skrill, and Mastercard or Visa credit and debit cards.


Two significant advantages of online casinos

Greater comfort

There is no doubt about the comfort and versatility of virtual betting and gaming platforms. With the modality of online casinos, it is no longer necessary to leave the calm of home to experience the best slot machines. You will have immediate access to the best online gaming sites available on virtual platforms with an internet connection and a mobile device, tablet, or computer.

Greater security

The growth of the online casino gaming industry forced the legislations of various countries around the world to create entities and laws that would certify, regulate, and control the gaming sector’s activities.

Little by little, different entities began to protect the interests of casino game users, providing them with completely secure transactions. That is why the primary recommendation for novice players is that they enjoy this entertainment from platforms certified by a competent entity.

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